BFC Welcomes You - BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ

"Sharing the "Good News"  The Gospel of our Lord, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) The Messiah!"

BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
"Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the Glory of God." ~ Romans 15:7
A 3-Fold Fellowship Ministry!
BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
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Welcome to BFC Family - Believing Faithfully
In Christ Ministries!

Following Our Faith in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) The Messiah
through Hospitality!

"Well, hello there! ... We're so glad you've finally reached us!"

Let me share a little bit about us:

My name is Lenora Brennan, and I am your BFC Hostess, a joyful servant of Our Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ),
The Messiah (Coming Lord).

For almost 30 years, my family and I have resided in Horsham, Pennsylvania and have been serving, by faith,
through The Lord Jesus Christ in Ministry of Hospitality at our home, connecting with others, as (family).

In the past, we have been serving both community and individuals at our home through many Children's Educational programs and events.  Christ-Centered, we've provided many activities for the young of age to our seniors through family-fun functions, learning skills, field trips, craft activities, and how-to-do workshops.

We warmly welcomed many people to our home, and whenever those who were in need of ministry and support,  prompted by The Holy  Spirit, we served.

We also look forward to coming together for a Refreshingly Joyful Fellowship Time in Christ, with others.

Why would we want to fellowship with you?
God so LOVED You and us which is The Good News!! and for His Glory!

What ministries are we currently serving today?

We offer Movie Ministry Events, Women's Bible Study Fellowship Workshops, "How-To-Do" Fun-Learning Workshops, and other Fellowship Ministries to name some ... i.e., exploring God's creation up close and personal (while nature walking together), joyful gatherings for prayer time, psalms and singing to one another while establishing Godly-friendships and family-like relationships.   

And, at some point in our lives, we may too be in need for some Christian Counselling, and that is also offered.

We welcome you to come participate in fellowship with us; and bring your very own God-Given gifts and talents with you, as we all prepare for His return and His Kingdom, Glory!

Learn how you can be part of the BFC Family Ministries with us.

Let's Glorify God Together!

"Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the Glory of God". ~NKJV

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01 Aug 2023
Hi Lenora. It was very nice meeting you tonight. Thank you for having us over at your wonderful home theater. The movie was so encouraging. Throughout the movie God was asking me "Do you believe?" and challenging me "What would you do?" and in real life "What are you going to do now?" Looking forward to seeing you again. God bless you and your family through your ministry! ❤️Yoshiko😊
01 Aug 2023
10:40 PM
The BFC movie was an awesome event. It feels like you are in a large movie theatre. The best part is the couple’s hospitality. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone.
01 Aug 2023
Hello Lenora!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you!!! You have such a heavenly anointing in the movie ministry. My spirit was filled with joy being in an atmosphere so filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory for your dedication to encouragement of the brethren. Please send my love to your husband and daughter. I look forward to fellowship with you all again soon. May the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you at all.times. Angela : )
01 Aug 2023
Happy sabbath to you all out there great is God who is LOVE.
Am truly blessed to apart of this movie ministry that is impactful
with real life events and people around the world and God can take
and used the most unlikely person or people and impact there life"s so powerfully and SUPERNATURALLY that will glorify Him and bless us.
Life's are change in ripples/domino effect and so you come away with a life changing moment and realization that we all need God no matter who you are
or where you are in life but more importantly is the fact that He truly loves us and want the best for us.So get started register and come on out and experience God moving in life's and creating change for the better with love and fellowship no judging.
Its a wonderful ministry that's all about our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST.

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