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"Sharing the "Good News"  The Gospel of our Lord, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) The Messiah!"

BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
"Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the Glory of God." ~ Romans 15:7
A 3-Fold Fellowship Ministry!
BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
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BFC Workshop Course List & Registration

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"Be God-Inspired to develop your own gifts and talents.  Then, be a blessing to others!"


(Note: Currently, the Workshop Course List is being updated. Courses in asterick (*) are viewable only, at this time.)

1. #ADP/100/101/102 - Art, Drawing and Painting (Basic-Intermediate-Advance)

2. #BPC/100/101 - Business Proposals and Contract Writing

3. #BPub/101 - Business Publications

4. #BSM/100/101 - Business Social Media

6. #CTB/100/101 - Communications In Business

8. #BFC/100/101 - Creative Writing and Publishing - (Basic & Intermediate)

9. #BFC/100/101/102 - Home Decor (Basic-Advance)

10. #BFC/100/101/102 - Home Design (Basic-Intermediate-Advance)

11. #BFCHR/100/101/102 - Home Remodeling (Basic-Advance)

12. #BFCMSCA/101 - Making & Selling Craft Art

15. #BFC/102 - Stained Glass Artworks (Advanced)

16. #BFC/101 - Website Design - Building It Yourself!

Registration and Enrollment Season Begins!

(All Registrations and Enrollment are Due In-Full

(2) two-weeks prior to workshop courses beginning.)

Fall, September '2023

Classes Begin, September 24th!

(Flexible Scheduling Available)

"Try These Also On For Size!"

For Fun and for Profit!

Art of Bread and Sushi Making (A Party Style (Catering) Entertainment)!

Furniture Restoration (The Fixer-Upper!) Beginners - Advance!

Office of Administration & Enrollment:
(Hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM)
(Contact - Lenora Brennan for assistance, (267) 961-3181.

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