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Welcome to “How-To-Do” Learning Skills Center!

BFC Family “How-To-Do” Basic Computer Skills Lesson

In this 6 Week Course outlined to help introduce you to a new beginning in the use of modern technology in a fast-paced world by learning the basic computer skills needed in today’s technological society, and also offering you an opportunity for a new start on independence, for your own personal use.
(Class Time) 2.30-3.00 Hours)

What You Will Be Learning From This Course

   Objectives:   At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the parts of a computer and key functions.
  • Identify and use window components.
  • Manipulate how to the mouse correctly.
  • Navigate a webpage.
  • Basic Internet "Knowledge and Usage" e.g., Emailing, Internet Safety & Software
  • Perform basic file management tasks.
   Computer Content:

  • Basic computer terminology.
  • What is a computer?
  • What is an operating system?
  • What are the major physical components of the computer, e.g.?
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • monitor
  • CPU
   What is the desktop? / Laptop?/ Tablet Use?

  • Quick Launch Toolbar
  • Taskbar
  • Start menu
  • My Computer
  • Task Manager
  • Right-click >on Properties of a Desktop/Laptop  
   What are the major components of a window?

  • Windows and its components, programs, applications, etc.
  • Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons
  • Title bar
   How-To Navigate a webpage

  • ISP
  • URL
  • Web site
  • Home page



BFC Family “How-To-Do” Basic Computer Skills Lesson

  • Bookmark
  • Search engine
  • Browser Utilization
  • Navigation
  • Web browsing (IE, Google, Mozilla) & Others, downloading & uploading
  • Highlight
  • Print

    File Management (Windows)

  • Create a new folder.
  • Copy/Move files from one folder to another.
  • Drag and Drop files.
  • Create different file types with varying extensions.
  • Create a shortcut to an often-used file or application.
  • Utilize the hard drive and other drives for file management.
  • Save/Rename/Delete a folder or file.

    Use of the Recycle Bin, appropriately

  • Other miscellaneous "How-To-Dos"

Your course is 6-8 weeks dependent upon your ability to fully grasp the knowledge and lessons learned sufficiently.

“In this course, we offer an additional 2-weeks of “How-To-Do” only if needed, at No extra cost.

When you complete this course, you will leave with a higher sense of knowledge, understanding and the ability in “How-To-Do” from our workshop course and enjoy the benefits in applying them to your daily life, as you see fit.  

“We will celebrate with you on your Great accomplishment of your newly independent developed skills!”
You will receive a certificate upon completion of this non-credit course during a Celebration Luncheon Week, we provide.

Through our BFC Family - Ministry Program at the “How-To-Do” Workshops Learning Skill Center, we are able to offer workshops at low cost with extensive knowledge and practice applications that will support those who recognize their need for newer opportunities in their lives that can help them lead to a personal growth by preparing for the nearer and future opportunities that are being presented.
The fee for this 6-week course (with an additional two-weeks, if needed) is $250.00

Note:  Your full registration fee of $35.00 is added to your course balance fee above. (e.g. full course fee of $250.00 - (minus) your registration fee of $35.00 is $ 215.00 balance)

ALL Balances are Due prior to the 1st week of “How-To-Do” Workshop course studies.
In addition, we offer flexible course scheduling (contact administration) at (267) 961-3181.
You can call us or send us a text.  Ask for Lenora Brennan, BFC Administrator.

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