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How-To-Do Contract & Proposal Writing Course Overview


BFC Family “How-To-Do” Contract & Proposal Writing
Basic - Intermediate - Advance
(Class Time:  2.30-3.00 Hours)

Objective:   What you will be able to do by the end of this course:

In this “How-to-Do” workshop course, you will learn about the various types of ceramic tiles used in today’s market to complete projects for your very own personal use or for a business, and you will also learn,  by our instructors, hands-on step-by-step instructions on how to
professionally install ceramic tile flooring and walls, use of proper tools and materials, learn about safety, and other various
techniques used to create “beautifully personal and professional business ceramic tile works!”
Important: In this course, you’ll need to make an appointment 1st with one of our instructors to discuss your level of understanding in order to determine which level to place you.

At the basic level, you will learn how to create a beautifully hand-crafted ceramic tile project by the end of this course and some preparation lessons in selling it, or for personal keeps!

Welcome to the “How-To-Do” Learning Skills Center!

The “How-To-Do” Learning Skills Center’s goal is to help prepare you to begin applying your newly discovered talents and skills for near and future opportunities being presented to you.

In this course you will need some tools and materials that are not included with this course that you will need to purchase. (These are the same tools and materials that you will need personally-invested in order to independently continue to work after you complete this course.)

You may purchase them through us at an affordable cost, in preparation for this course.

Your course instructor will provide you a list as he or she introduces the necessary tools and materials you will need to use for this course lesson as well as reviewing proper safety and care instructions on how to perform tiling work and the importance of learning and understanding about other safety measures and precautions.

This is a 6-week course with flexible scheduling and extra course time, if needed.

Note: Your full registration fee of $35.00 is added to your course balance fee above. (e.g. full course fee of $250.00 - (minus) your registration fee of $35.00 is $ 215.00 balance)

ALL Balances are Due prior to the 1st week of “How-To-Do” Workshop course studies.
In addition, we offer flexible course scheduling (contact administration) at (267) 961-3181.
You can call us or send us a text.  Ask for Lenora Brennan, BFC Administrator.

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