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BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
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BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ!
BFC (Family) Believing Faithfully In Christ
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Welcome To New Hope and Freedom!

New Hope and Freedom is about discovering the emancipation, hope and personal and interpersonal freedom Christ paid such a great price to provide at every level of life and living. It's more than about mental illness or mental health. It's about emancipated free, the way God designed it to be, not bound by any internal, external, any past, present or future fears or thoughts, emotions, experience, behaviours, relationships, habits or addiction that has become a lord and master over a person, their relationships, their life. All is centred in Jesus Christ and His Word, applying professional psychological & practical tools to meet the real needs of the moment & prepare for the future.

Dr. Art Sprunger is available for consultation and counsel throughout the US remotely. He is inviting you to get exceptional professional Christian counselling and psychotherapy from a freeing, caring, hope-filled, Biblical perspective; consultation addressing a wide spectrum of individual, couples, marriage, family, child, teen psychological, emotional, mental, sexual, behavioural, relational, spiritual, addictive, social issues and concerns. Focus is on personal hope and freedom to enjoy all that God intended.

AVAILABLE ANYWHERE - through phone or live-streaming tele-therapy consults, counselling and therapy.

Art Sprunger
PhD, DD, LHD; Ordained Minister

Dr. Art's undergraduate work majored in Bible, Biblical Greek and Psychology. He has his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy graduate degrees in Counselling Psychology. He has been honoured with the Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Humane Letters degrees as well.

He is an ordained minister, having served in a number of churches in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio and Indiana.

He has also served on the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania Counselling Association and was elected as the President of the Counselling Association of Greater Philadelphia. He served as the Executive Director of the United Association of Christian Counsellors, International for more than a dozen years, was a founding member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors, and taught at several colleges and Christian educational institutions and served as the Academic Dean of the United Institute of Biblical Counselling for many years.

He is the author of for what is known as "Emancipation Therapy."

Art Sprunger
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